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Through the years, existing galvanized piping can wear out on the inside, leading to a buildup of corrosion and sediment that reduces water pressure, produces rust-hued water, and has other unhealthy effects. Replacing them with fresh copper or PEX pipes brings back clearer, fresh water and more efficient flow for your household.

Jesus and the crew at Inland Repipe employ only premier materials, such as domestic brand “L” hard copper or PEX-A piping. Furthermore, they mount stopcocks constituted of stainless steel and low-zinc brass, as well as temperature regulating valves for showers and bathtubs likewise made of brass and stainless steel. We opt for the strongest parts, which can last for many years.

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The personnel of Inland Repipe have been endowed with expertise and meticulousness thanks to the tutelage of Jesus and the group, who are both certified and qualified. This crew’s performance is unmatched, thus they guarantee all endeavors with a perpetual transferable promise.

When you enlist the support of Inland Repipe’s Repiping Specialists, you will never have to worry about any subcontracting or navigating through layers of bureaucracy as can occur with other repiping companies – ensuring your satisfaction. Jesus and his relatives operate a familial company. They each possess eighteen years of background in replacing pipes, and one of the siblings will take control of your workers himself. No subcontracting is employed by us – individualized attention is our trademark.

Jesus and the team at Inland Repipe have completed more than 5,000 homes in various parts of Southern California with the utmost care and respect as if it were their own, typically finishing the repipe process within three days or less. We have the expertise and proficiency to afford your house with an efficient and reliable repiping, at a cost-effective rate.

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Our plumbing company, Inland Repipe and Plumbing, specializes in repipe services for residential and commercial buildings across Southern California. We use premier materials such as “L” hard copper or PEX-A piping and mount stopcocks made of stainless steel and low-zinc brass. Our certified and qualified staff guarantees all work with a perpetual transferable promise, and we provide cost-effective rates and free estimates. Contact us via email at or at (877) 607-1826 to learn more about our repipe services and how we can help you achieve clean water flow in your home or business.